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‘About one fifth of a home's heating is lost through windows. Most of that escapes through air gaps rather than through the glass. Research has shown that air infiltration through a sash window in good condition can be reduced by as much as 86% by adding draught-proofing. And  it has the added advantage of reducing noise and dust.’           An extract from English-Heritage

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Draught-proofing is an excellent way to improve the efficiency and usability of your sash windows without losing their original charm and heritage.

The aim of draught-proofing is reduce the gaps where unwanted cold air finds its way in, and warm air is lost and wasted. To solve this problem we fit your windows with a very discrete brush pile system which will:

All this is achieved without losing the original look of the windows and conforms to listed building and conservation area regulations.

The brush is discretely placed between the beading and the sashes, so from the inside the brush can’t be seen unless under close inspection. From the outside the brush can only be seen once the window is open and again only under close inspection.

To install the draught proofing system we will dismantle your window, scrape down your sash box/frame and the running surface of the sashes to remove the excess paint built up over the years to allow smooth running.

Re-balance your sashes with the correct weight so they travel up and down correctly on their new traditional cotton sash cords.  

Route a brush strip in to the meeting rail and refit your windows with new draught proofing parting and staff beading to complete the draught proofing system.

Here at Renosash we believe draught-proofing to be the most cost effective and pleasant way to improve your windows, and would recommend this as a first port of call for your sash windows. The brush pile system is a much improved draught proofing system and a far cry from those old sticky strips you may first imagine, and the system also means you won’t lose the functionality of your original windows and can enjoy them for many more years to come

As well as draught proofing we also offer full painting and restoration, which can be completed at the same time which allows a really thorough preparation while the sashes and box/frame are apart. This can also save the need for scaffold access making the complete package and renovation a very cost effective system.

Please visit the Sash Window Painting page for more details.